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1. To get started, visit your personal link for autosurfing. When you open the link for the first time, the start page is displayed, on which you must click the blue "Open" button. In the future, immediately after the link is opened in the browser, the sites for which BTP points are awarded begin to show. BTP points will be converted to satoshi in your account.

2. The launched surfboard works automatically and does not require user's attention. After all the paid sites in the system are displayed, the message "There are no active links anymore" will appear. Next, pages will be shown without payment until new paid pages appear.

3. For passive earning, we recommend leaving the tab opened for a long time. New sites are constantly added and will be automatically displayed without user actions.

4. For active earning, you can periodically change the current IP address in the browser and restart the autosurf panel. Using a proxy and VPN in this form of earnings is allowed.

5. The table above shows the earnings statistics for the last 30 days. To get statistics for the current day, click on the "Update statistics" button in the first line of the table. Please note that statistics are available only in the past hours.

6. At the end of the day, at night the system calculates daily earnings and transfers to user's account balances.

7. Referral system: 1-49 referrals - 7%; 50-99 referrals - 10%; 100 and more referrals - 15%