• We will temporarily stop PTCWall and Clixwall contest

    Dear users!

    As PTCWall and Clixwall don’t have enough work for our users we will temporarily stop the contest. The current contest from 05/11/2019 to 05/25/2019 will be held as usual.

  • PTCWall temporarily not working

    Dear users!

    PTCWall service is currently experiencing wave of bot traffic, and therefore, temporarily all partner sites are blocked from the system. Further, they plan to explore traffic and reconnect partners.

  • Withdrawals to FaucetSystem (Cryptobara) temporarily not working

    The FaucetSystem (Cryptobara) site is temporarily on maintenance. In this regard, we can’t withdraw to FaucetSystem (Cryptobara) now.

  • Service PTCWall is working fine now

    Dear users! Service PTCWall is working fine now.