Which bitcoin address should I use to widthdraw?

As you know, on March 14, FaucetPay had an incident with hacking hot wallets. FaucetPay has warned users about inadmissibility using old deposit addresses. As a result, some users got confused. Let’s try to eliminate this misunderstanding.

Deposit Addresses — FaucetPay generates these addresses for each user. They are designed for large deposits to the FaucetPay system. Most often, they are used by administrators of faucets and other services who need to make a lot of small payments to their users.

Linked Addresses — these are the personal addresses of users that users add to their FaucetPay account. And to these addresses, users receive payments from faucets and other services. Since only users have control over these addresses (FaucetPay does not have access to them), then, obviously, hackers could not get access to these wallets. Accordingly, they can be used for withdrawals from U24.co as before.

However, if you consider it necessary to change the bitcoin address for withdrawal to FaucetPay, you can do this in your U24 account. No support request needed. The ability to change the FaucetPay address in your U24 account will be blocked after a while for sequrity reasons.