Мы начали выплату компенсаций PTCWAll

Dear users!

Important update due to the PTCWall situation. The fault in the incident lies entirely on the partner service PTCWall. In this connection, compensation will be made to the affected users.

Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to perform the recovery of balances automatically. Therefore, this process will be performed manually after the user has contacted the support. For objective reasons, manual processing will take a lot of time. Please treat with understanding.

At the moment, the compensation is paid to everyone who sent the request:

aladin, guest651, xsuron, marielyd, vk011, temp661, rakkku, vasekkk, rejebelo, fedosoviv, guest988, tapal, guest623, guest2278, guest1914, guest1720, goldd

tarakan, zebra888, romaxmel, vensko, huxoncio, molodchenco009, krisstina, yanina, student, xatia, tamaraaa, tatka310769, alex4584, teatea12, nik83, tatya2912, lskliar, marinakor

drug2802, guest573, guest1909, goblik, guest2001, flora10, zaim100, guest1879

andrei82, guest591, criptomonster, yrui72

maroonius, trancend, guest1652, eshkola3005, samtatmix

sanich65, guest524, vasgen

bajandigital, vladgost, guest711


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