Terms and conditions

1. Accounts. Two types of accounts are available: guest account and confirmed account. In order to create guest account, please enter your valid Bitcoin address into the login field. Password is not required. Guest account has number of limitations such as: referrals are not available, smaller payment is offered. In order to create confirmed account you need to provide your email address and set password.

2. Account cancellation due to inactivity. Inactive account will be canceled and balance will be set to zero after 90 days of inactivity. Account is considered active if the balance is topped up. Accounts with active referrals can not be closed.

3. Banned or restricted account. In case of rules violation account could be banned or restricted, i.e. some services become blocked, referral system become unavailable, or money withdrawal prohibited. The exact method of account restriction is upon the Administrator discretion.

4. Possible reasons for restriction:

  • any fraud or attempt to break the system;
  • use of special technical tools including but not limited to: AutoBrowsers, AutoClickers, timer accelerators, etc;
  • use of special tools to remove ads;
  • use of multiple accounts, trying to receive referrals payment via multiple accounts;
  • use of VPN/Proxy for getting bitcoin faucet bonuses.
  • refuse service.

    5. Refuse service. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, with mandatory compliance with anti-discriminatory laws. In case of refusal of service, the user’s balance we will pay to user’s wallet in full amount.

6. Work with partner services (PTCWall, ClixWall и др.)

  • Working opportunities with partner services are offered «as is». U24.co allows access to partner services and money transfer to user balance.
  • All partner services have their own terms and conditions one has to adhere to when starting work. Any rules violation might cause user to be blocked or payment denied. This is not the responsibility of U24.co site administration.
  • U24.co site administration has no authority to set or lift partner service ban, since it is done on partner service side.
  • In some cases partner service might hold the payment for up to 30 days. U24.co administration sends notification to user account and transfers money as soon as it’s received from the intermediary. Money could also be transferred in less than 30 days. In case the payment denied the user will get notification.
  • U24.co site administration does not recommend using VPN/Proxy for partner service access unless stated otherwise. In some cases it might cause account to be blocked.

6. Contest participation

  • All users are automatically signed up for all active contests according to contest terms and conditions.
  • Pending transactions get into contest that is active at a time when payment is received.